Artistic Agency

At Live Promotion, we aim to help artists find new places to express their creativity.

All arts considered, we have a roster of talented individuals and groups to suggest to entertainment and hospitality businesses.

Our services include:

  • International Artists Bookings & Tour Management
  • Local Artist Booking and Artistic Direction of venues and restaurants
  • Local promotion and Touring services for international acts

International Artists Bookings
& Tour Management

You are an international act or music agency and want to come and play in Thailand ?

We can provide you all the help you need. From booking your act or artists in the best venues or festivals to helping with visas registrations, getting local media attention, renting buses and booking hotels, we will do our best so that your artistic experience in Thailand is memorable !

A trip to the beach can be part of touring, right ?

Local Artists Bookings

You are looking for the perfect band or dj for your restaurant, hotel or event ?

Please contact us as we know a very wide range of amazing artists and can choose the ones that will be best for you and your clients.

Visit the artist repertory on

Artists Management

We love working with independent artists who want to step-up their game. From general organisation to social media management and artistic direction, we make sure our artists have more time to focus on what is most important : their art.

Please enjoy discovering the artists we work with.

Siamese Katz

Electro-jazz Quartet

Booking : Worldwide

Bang Sue Electrix

Electronic Thai Hiphop Duo

Booking : S-E Asia

Inquiries : Polo Ruesz

You are an artist and need help with your promotion ?

We know a lot of great film-makers, photographers and sound engineers. If you want to shoot a new music video, create your artist website, or whatever you would find useful for your artistic development, we can guide you to the professionals that will guarantee you will do a great job.

Book our artists!