Artistic Solutions

We focus on providing marketing and promotion solutions to restaurants and entertainment venues by sharing and creating original ideas to promote their brand in artistic ways.

Live Streaming

Why not show the world how popular your event is? Sure they won’t miss the next one! We have everything to quality Live-stream your events on social media. 2 cameras, great sound, let people know that you host great events. If not an event, we can imagine many ways to use Live-Streaming as a powerful tool for your online communication.

Production for French Embassy’s digital World Music Day 2020
Behind the scenes

Promotional videos

You may need a short video to introduce your business to your customers. They have to understand quickly what you are all about. After your logo, this might be their second encounter with your company, so take it in consideration. The video must represent your identity and your vision and we will make sure to understand you before starting any storyboards.

Concept video for Workshop restaurant’s delivery service – 2 hours shooting
Ivy47 restaurant presentation video
The Last Drop‘s short presentation of activities for social media

Social Media Management

Engage your customers and potential customers through Facebook, LINE, and Instagram.
For any venue or restaurant, we can provide a strategy with a monthly template of what should be posted. We can even take over your social media and create content to build your online identity.

Our team of graphic designer will be happy to design posters for your events, decorate your menus, create templates for your social media… What we want is for you to have a unique visual identity so that you can catch the eye of potential customers.

Event Management

Artistic Direction

We help you think of quality events that would bring more people in your venues. In our team, Polo Ruesz is a professional event organizer. Being at the conception and head of management for over 30 public events and 4 music festivals, he’ll make sure you get the event that suits your venue best, and that you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Recap of The Last Drop grand opening in March 20

Artists Bookings

We are an artistic agency working with a wide network of musicians, visual artists, dancers and even magicians.. We aim to help artists find new places to express their creativity, and venues find new artistic ways for their promotion. All arts considered, we have an international roster of talented individuals and groups to suggest to festivals, hotels, restaurants.

Know more about our artistic agency here

Sound & Light Support

We find and provide the sound and light system for your events, have it installed and take care of throughout the night! Not too big, not too cheap, let us help you pick the perfect setup and the best technical staff for your event.


Playlist curation and scheduling

Your musical identity should be a real plus for your new restaurants. Make sure your playlists are not repetitive and up to date with the latest releases. The soundtracks are continuously updated so you and your staff won’t get tired of it. We will schedule them according to the attendance and time of the day and week. Of course, we can always start from your Spotify playlists, because this restaurant has to be who you are. Just press play!

Sound System counseling and rental

For the comfort of your clients, Jazz Bands to perform, and Dj’s to be mixing in your venue, you may need a live sound system. We can advise you to choose the right one according to your venue and budget.

Room acoustics

Does your venue sound like a giant bathroom? Can your customers talk intelligibly? Do you have a massive headache at the end of the day? Well the solution may be in upgrading the room acoustics. As a professional acoustician, Polo Ruesz may help you find acoustical solutions to upgrade the sound comfort of your restaurant. With a sensitive eye for design, we’ll find a both effective and elegant solution for your restaurant not to sound like a school canteen.

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We help artists find new places to express their creativity. All arts considered, we have a roster of talented local artists as well as international touring artists.


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