BangkokHaps is a web-based blog, calendar of events and database of venues and artists for the city of Bangkok.

Through this media, we are also providing information about Bangkok thanks to our guide of music, art and cultural events and experiences. It is also a database of artists, venues, bars & restaurants, aiming to make it a lot easier for locals and tourists to know who and what is going on in Bangkok.

Our missions

  • Promote Bangkok as the music, art and cultural hub of SE Asia
  • Make it easy for locals and tourists to search and find the events that are going on in Bangkok with our events calendar.
  • Offer a deeper insight of the city, its artists, venues and activities, in our section guide and interviews.
  • Support venues, restaurants and artists to promote their events and increase their presence online.

The Cultural Calendar

We host a calendar focused on artistic events: Live music, Art Exhibitions and Performing Arts. Using multiple sources, we gather on one site, all of the cultural events of the city. Once logged in, any user can upload their own event. They then can chose to highlight it in different ways for our readers to have a better chance catching the eye of our visitors.

The Guides & Interviews Sections

To offer a deeper insight of the city, its artists, venues and activities. The articles are a mix of stories, top places to visit, latest news and good deals.

The interviews highlight the great people among the artistic community in Bangkok. We can interview you or write a paper about your entertainment or hospitality activities. Contact us to know more about this service.

Database of
Artists, Venues, and Restaurants

We have listed most of the cultural actors and venues of Bangkok. Using filters, tags and a powerful search function, our users can find the bar, restaurant, or artist that suits them best. It is somehow a marketplace for artists to find the most appropriated venues for their performance, and venues to find the best performer for their events.

Our Services

Advertisement on

Our media platform offers advertisement slots dedicated to the hospitality and entertainment industries. You can give the light your event or venue deserves.

On every page of the website

You can have a visual content (image of .gif) on the top-right corner on every single page of our website except the home page. On mobiles, this add is at the bottom of every page. The ratio of the visual content should be 1:1.

Banner on Venue, Event or Artist pages

We can place a banner of your choice on individual pages of restaurants/venues, or event pages, or artist pages.

Dedicated Articles and Interviews

We will write a 300 word blog article with pictures about our experience in your venue or with your products. Our articles can be written in both English and Thai languages. It is important that we then boost it on social media to a target we define with our clients.

We can also shoot a short video interview, for you to introduce yourself, your product or venue. The interviews are subtitled in english for social media.

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