Representing Sunrise Studio and expanding its reach in Thailand

Sunrise Studio Samui, nestled in the tropical beauty of Koh Samui, Thailand, has quickly become a beacon for musicians and producers seeking a creative sanctuary. Under the guidance of Liam Colin, a seasoned French producer, the studio has aimed to become a hub for musical innovation and collaboration.


Our Role and Services

We partnered with Sunrise Studio to enhance its visibility and operational capabilities. Our efforts included strategic networking to elevate the studio’s profile within the domestic music community. We would meet online once a week, define key people and companies, and plan how we could get them to know about the studio.

Achievements and Impact

Our collaboration led to sending multiple international artists to spend a few days in the studio, recording and creating content. This is how Matteo (Chinese Man), Jarl Flamar, Theos and others were welcomed by Liam. Some wanted to sample thai traditional instruments for their next productions, others wanted to shoot a live session in tropical paradise. The goal was to get artists to share about their experience at Sunrise Studio.

We’ve put Sunrise Studio at the center of the Bangkok music scene by contacting over 40 bands, 10 labels and various music industry professionals to organise one-on-one introductory sessions with the studio owner. Every time, it made sense and great collaboration ideas were shared.

6 months after starting to work with Live Promotions, the Studio has had to hire a technical assistant and has met with the top industry players of Thailand, leading to producing and rearranging tracks for major labels and artists in Thailand.

Polo is a passionate and committed person. If you are looking for someone who will support you in your project, who will open doors to help you develop your network, create new connections and opportunities, this is your man! – Liam Colin

Live Promotions continues to be at the forefront of connecting the arts and business.

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