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SNIPER : Golden Era of French Rap, live in Bangkok.

  • Client: SNIPER
  • Mission: Promotion and ticket sales
  • Goal: Bring 150 people to see french rap legends in Bangkok

Bangkok recently witnessed a thrilling blast from the past as SNIPER, the iconic French rap group, made their first-ever appearance in the city. A decade since they captivated audiences in France, SNIPER’s comeback was nothing short of nostalgic euphoria for the French community in Bangkok. Live Promotions, in collaboration with VOX Music Vietnam1 and Sawasdee France, took on the challenge of rekindling the group’s legacy and orchestrating an unforgettable night at DECOMMUNE, Bangkok’s vibrant underground hub.

The process behind promoting an event in Bangkok

For the team at Live Promotions, we had a lot on our plate regarding this event. Especially due to the timing of it being right after our APPLAUSE event

Our main goal was to promote the event, through various channels such as Instagram, Facebook, advertisements, and spreading the word by mouth. We definitely got the word out through our platforms, and did succeed in bringing people to the event, some familiar faces from our previous event. 

We started planning one month before the event, luckily we had our partners who assisted in the process and working as a team is definitely more beneficial for everyone compared to working solo on this project. 

We achieved significant success with the promotion of this event. Our aim is to continue organising and promoting more events, collaborating with additional music professionals, and ultimately attracting a larger audience to join in the festivities.

The night was a blast, the venue was filled with mostly French nationals who grew up listening to SNIPER, and were able to finally jam to their memorable lyrics once again, however, this time it was happening in Bangkok! Our promotional strategy and reach allowed us to gather around 150 ticket holders. A very satisfying number of people, knowing we were testing the french expatriate Hip-Hop crowd for the first time before bringing to Bangkok other French legends.

About Live Promotions

Live Promotions BKK, a dynamic force in Thailand’s music and event industry, specialises in bridging global talents with Southeast Asian scenes. We offer a spectrum of services including artistic direction, event production, and strategic networking. Our mission is to enhance the creative landscape by connecting artists and brands across cultures, fostering unique collaborations, and creating unforgettable artistic experiences.

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